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The company focuses on versatility aluminum cases and LED display box design, development production and sales, you can customize various options to meet customer demand.

Main products: Aluminum, Smart home demo box, graphene floor heating display box,LED display box, LED display cabinet, LED display boards, air boxes, cosmetics cases, metal toolbox, equipment boxes, chip boxes, rod boxes, beauty salons me, barbecue box, medicine box, gun box , jewelry boxes and other products.

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LED fluorescent tube

Multifunctional Box


  • 270 ° super-light angle, light soft and comfortable, completely eliminate the black background;
  • own first slot design to reduce light beads 5 ~ 10 ℃, extended lamp life;
  • entire 1.2 m long high-quality aluminum plate, high thermal conductivity, multi-plate joints to eliminate all bad; heat capacity than ordinary 200 times higher than PCB substrate;
  • intact patch with Taiwan LED light source, high brightness, long life, small heat;
  • cover with high-quality PC products imported PC material, high transmittance without significant light beads;
  • QC harsh to ensure that failure rates less than 0.3%.
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    LED Display Box

    LED Show Box

    LED display box

  • Box with flame-retardant ABS material and aluminum frame structure, made ​​of stainless steel connection box angle edging material about quality, durable, anti-pressure collision.
  • Box with a height-adjustable product fixed plate, adjust the height based on product features, conveniently placed at different heights with the series of products, modified space.
  • LED display box full account of product features, cleverly hidden LED electronic connection, the LED products nice and focused.
  • Display lamps of various parameters, such as: voltage, current, power, power factor and so on.
  • Panel lamp commonly used around the world set for each country show and recommended products.
  • Reserved for various voltage output interface can be designed according to different customer requirements head layout, a perfect display.
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    Multifunctional Box and LED Show Boxse Recommended

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    导航仪功能演示箱 | 模型箱 | 智能家居演示箱 | LED展示箱 | LED展示柜 | LED航空箱 | LED测试箱

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          Shenzhen  PENGHAO Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in R & D of Smart Home Demo case, production and sale of the company from beginning to end Aluminum boxes as a flagship product, to optimize product structure, improve product performance, Can meet customers' diverse customization needs.

         Green bright future of humanity requires everyone to work together to create the spirit of "sharing and win-win" concept, PENGHAO person at the same time production of LED lamps for each industry peers Design LED display boxes,LED demo case,LED show boxes,LED display case, so that a more efficient display of LED products, LED show the show, business presentation, an essential tool for functiona...


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